Our top authors

Chris Hartgerink

Researcher and director at Liberate Science.

Liberate Science

Repairing knowledge distribution.

Patrick Sobrak-Seaton

Designer from California.

Marino van Zelst

I'm a PhD researcher studying organizations at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. My main focus is on organizational performance evaluation, behavioral strategy, and research communication.

Lisa Hehnke

Comes with a formal background in quantitative methods, management & psychology topped with hands-on experience in education, tech & the arts.

Hans van Dijk

Optimist - theorist - energetic - intrigued by human behavior - focus on improvement - fan of Nightwish - husband - diversity & inclusion scholar - Christian - supporter of Ajax - mountainbiker

James Lomas

Freelance Product Manager / developer / DJ / dance event organiser libscie.org / bitface.nl / thefunkycat.com

Sarahanne Field

I'm a PhD researcher studying meta-science in Groningen, The Netherlands. My main focus is on practitioners and advocates of open science and their practices.

Cathleen Berger

Political scientist by training whose work focuses on supporting others to navigate change, primarily with a view to sustainability, tech and global policies, as well as governance processes.

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