Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.1

Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.1

We just released Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.1 🎉 This is a patch release and does not introduce any new features.

New releases of Hypergraph occur on the 28th of every month — we only break that cycle if there are urgent fixes that we need to ship as soon as possible (e.g., for security). If you're interested in understanding how we version our releases, check out Semantic Versioning.

If you have Hypergraph (Beta) installed, it will auto-install next time you run it. Below, you can find a detailed and human-readable version of what we changed.


  • Under the Help in the menu bar, you can now find additional information, including a link to the terms and an About screen that indicates the version of Hypergraph and peer-to-peer commons (p2pcommons) that you're running
  • You can now drag and drop files into Hypergraph when adding a research module
Drag and drop demo


  • Instead of hypergraph:// links we now display p2pcommons:// to better reflect that Hypergraph is powered by the peer-to-peer commons infrastructure
  • The Hypergraph Vault is now enabled by default
  • Upgraded to the latest p2pcommons version, for improved network performance




  • Removed some redundant screens from the welcome tour


  • Fixed visual inconsistencies, such as cursor displays and welcome screen style



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