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Data policy


We use the following essential cookies by default to provide you with the website functionality regarding your account:

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Third-party services

We use the following third parties, or link out to them, to provide you with the functionality on our pages and to communicate with us:

  • Cloud68 (host service)
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  • Plausible (anonymous analytics)
  • Testimonial.to (widget)

Information collected

We collect analytics on your journey through our pages in order to understand and improve our pages. This is not the case when you have Do Not Track enabled in your browser.

Information we collect is:

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We provide some voluntary ways for you to share information with us in order for us to contact you. We process that information, until you revoke your consent. Specifically, we give you the option to...

  • ...share your email address with us in order to receive periodic emails

Information not collected

To protect your data and give you full control over the information we collect from you, we explicitly do not integrate the following on our Pages:

  • ...analytics cookies
  • ...cross-site trackers
  • ...fingerprinting cookies

We do not store personal information without active consent. We do not collect information about you from third-party sources.

Information shared


Data request

We think it is important for you to be in control of your data. You as a natural person can always reach us under privacy@libscie.org with questions about data regarding you. This email address also serves as an entry point for your GDPR requests, if you have one, or if you would like to delete any accounts on our pages.

The person responsible for all the data handling at Liberate Science GmbH is Chris Hartgerink, who you can reach directly at chris@libscie.org or +49 162 68 18 225 if you have any concerns you would like to address immediately.