We help researchers, policy makers, and librarians to build the future of research.

Do you need help in developing or implementing policies to make research more accessible? We are happy to explore how we can assist — and point you in the right direction if we cannot!

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We co-write grants for projects where we can make a considerable contribution. We can support for example

  • Large scale data collection needs
  • Reproducibility
  • Software engineering

Policy makers

Are you looking to pivot your institution to open source and open scholarship? We have over a decade of experience in doing so. We offer for example

  • Strategy consulting
  • Shift the Overton window internally by being a radical voice in your discussions
  • Reply to requests for proposals.


We understand the amounts of information libraries need to parse nowadays. Data cleaning, data visualisation, data ingestion, and data audits are but a few of these. We can provide support services to ensure that your library has quality data that secure for your constituency.