Hypergraph v0.10.6

Hypergraph v0.10.6

We just released Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.6 🎉

New releases of Hypergraph will occur on the 28th of every month — we only break that cycle if there are urgent fixes that we need to ship as soon as possible (e.g., for security). If you're interested in understanding how we version our releases, check out Semantic Versioning.

If you have Hypergraph (Beta) installed, it will auto-install next time you run it. Below, you can find a detailed and human-readable version of what we changed.




  • We now ask you to opt in to analytics, instead of opting out. We thought that would be kinder to you.






  • No longer will you be prompted to backup your key on every single boot of the application 😅


  • Upgraded dependencies to patch latest security flaws

Our releases have been a bit more silent the past months - we're committed to bringing you the easiest ways to publish research modules nonetheless.

Thanks for your patience 😊

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