Minutes Assembly #11

Minutes Assembly #11
Photo by Martin Martz / Unsplash

On June 28th, we assembled our supporting community to decide next steps, together (see our original agenda). In this post, we report some key points for those who were unable to attend.

Business development

The business is progressing steadily, but our revenue is not growing fast enough to cover costs as they are. We had a great quarter, where we covered around 44% of our expenses with our own income. This continues the upward trend as you can see specified in the slides below.

Our goal for the end of 2023 is to have 100% cost-covering through our own revenue. We need to cut costs to reach that target, which may result in less paid time spent on the project at this time if our assignments and supporting members do not increase.

Any suggestions for new supporting members are highly welcome. Please send us any tips on info@libscie.org and we'll follow-up!

ResearchEquals will keep existing regardless. This is a key point as we move to build our 2024 strategy.

ResearchEquals Cohorts

We are running two more training cohorts this year: In July and October. These trainings are primarily geared towards pre-tenure researchers. After our pilot in February, we decided to run these more frequently as to provide a continuous inflow of new researchers.

We asked you which communities we could reach out to help make this even more of a success. In the screenshot below your suggestions are documented - we will take steps to reach out and bring the cohorts to their attention.

Thanks for all the input and feedback during the assembly! The minutes are stylized to make them more readable. If you miss anything in the minutes, or want to share your thoughts, let us know in a comment! The assembly happens once a quarter, but the conversation does not need to stop.

Our next assembly will be in September.

Join us on our open journey!