Tilburg University supports ResearchEquals

Tilburg University supports ResearchEquals

Tilburg University is now an inaugural supporting member of ResearchEquals, sustaining and governing the development of modular publishing.

Tilburg University already included open science in its strategy in 2018 and has since vitalized local efforts through the Open Access Lab and the local Open Science Community. Other efforts like the Open Access Book Fund and the Open Press TiU make it possible for more researchers to openly publish their work. ResearchEquals fits the philosophy of Open Science the university envisions.

“ResearchEquals has the potential to empower the crucial next step in Open Science and Open Access”, says Daan Rutten, Head of Research Support Library and former Open Science Coordinator op Tilburg University. “The platform enables researchers to open up all the documentation during the research cycle, not only the final publication, and to collaborate and discuss the building blocks of your research instantaneously.”

Supporting members help sustain operations and receive additional governance rights for ResearchEquals. These rights include the option to participate in quarterly assemblies, strategy and decision making processes, the power to block acquisitions, and to request more information around business operations. As a result, supporting members shape how ResearchEquals evolves.  Individuals can become supporting members for 79.99 euro’s per year. Institutions can become supporting members for a yearly contribution of at least 2500 euro’s.

Tilburg also sponsors ten individuals’ supporting memberships who otherwise would not be able to afford participating.

ResearchEquals is an open source, open access publishing platform for research modules. ResearchEquals realized the first modular publishing platform (launched February 1st, 2022), which revolves around sharing the research process, step by step, instead of only the final report.

“It is great to see Tilburg commit resources to not only support, but to also sponsor participation for those who cannot afford it, highlighting equity as a key value” CEO Chris Hartgerink said.

Tilburg University is a public research university specializing in the social and behavioral sciences, economics, law, business sciences, theology and humanities. Daan Rutten is Head of Research Support Library.

Liberate Science GmbH (est. 2019) cultivates alternative publishing formats that work for researchers everywhere. ResearchEquals is a Liberate Science GmbH project. For more information view the supporting member page or contact CEO Chris Hartgerink (ceo@libscie.org).

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